Thursday, 26 March 2009

The return of me

If any one is still reading then good news. I'm back. To stay hopefully. I had one of those months except in this case it was three in a row. Apparently med school is quite hard work. I'm hoping that once exams are over next week I'll be back to posting regularly.

But for now a quick summary of what's been happening:
- Australia recovered from losing to SA at home - not feeling quite so good about the Ashes any more
- Graeme Smith broke his hand again!!! As exciting as it is to see Mitch Johnson swinging the ball at pace and making batsmen look stupid why does it always have to be Smith!! (As you may be able to guess my love for the Saffers and Smith especially remains undiminished and may have even increased a little)
- The IPL is now the SAPL - could be exciting. There are no words to express how much I wanted it to be in England. Weekends of cricket - Ricky, Graeme, MS, Albie and Sachin.
- England are still rubbish but Strauss appears to be the man for the job. If only the rest of the team would remember how to play the game we could so alright.
- India are being crushed by New Zealand in the Second Test - the fat boy can bat (see CWB for JRod's take on Jesse Ryder).

What's coming up:
- England take on the West Indies again
- India keep playing NZ
- Australia and SA keep fighting it out to be the kings of the castle in the one day series