Thursday, 27 November 2008

Chaos in Mumbai

The situation in Mumbai at the moment is truly awful. The suffering family and friends of the injured and murdered must be going through is too extreme to imagine. My condolences to any readers who have lost someone or know someone in hospital and I hope all the Indian bloggers out there are safe.

It feels a bit silly, vacuous and shallow almost, to sit here typing about cricket but that is what I'm here to do. England have a choice - abandon the ODI series and stay for the test series, play the ODI and test series as planned or come home. While I understand that the players are scared about their own safety and their families must be worried as well, I think they should stay.

I have no problems with them pulling out of the ODI series and staying out in the East of the country but I would like them to play the Tests. Not for the sake of cricket as such but to show these terrorists that the world is stronger than they are and that mindless acts of violence will not scare us into stopping living our lives. The security forces in India that are currently guarding the England team in their hotel/fortress are brilliant at what they do - they look after foreign VIPs, politicians etc. If they feel confident that they can keep the players safe then I would take their advice.

India is unlike England - its size and diversity means events in one state can be completely unrelated to what may happen elsewhere. The location of the second test could even be moved from Mumbai if necessary. I don't think that's a great option but the possibility is there.

A truly cynical person would point out that Australia played in England two weeks after the London bombs in 2005 and that players from all over the world stayed in India for the IPL after the bombs in Rajasthan. I didn't want to be that person, nor finish on such a negative note so I'm stopping there.

Mumbai has experienced too many of these attacks for me to count and the city always rises up stronger, more united and braver. It would be nice for cricket to play its part in helping to heal a city that is currently hurt, confused and chaotic.

ETA: England have confirmed that they are playing the Test series which is good news I think. The second Test may be moved from Mumbai to southern India but discussions are ongoing.

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wildkiwi23 said...

Hey there, I have added my cricket site on yours :).

With your post I'm commenting on I think it is really tragic that cricket as a whole can be ruined by acts of terrorism like that you described. I only found out about the bombings late last night and I really do feel for the Indian people and their families that were affected by the attacks.

I even had a dramatic (and perhaps over the board) idea that we relocate the bases of the Indian (and perhaps the Pakistani's as well) cricket team to a safer country. But then I thought if they do that then the Indian and Pakistani teams wouldnt really be Indian and Pakistani as they wouldnt be in their home nations etc.

A conclusion I could come to is perhaps one that is difficult to explain, and probably one that has been used too often, is that we as people must do better to fight against terrorism and protect our livelihoods, cricket being one of them.