Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ponting loses the plot

WTF?!? India lose 6 wickets in a session due to Watson and Krejza, Australia are back in the game and the series finally becomes worth watching. The pressure was on India to try and set a decent score, while Australia knew that quick wickets after tea would increase their chances of winning the game and drawing the series.

Then Ponting comes out after tea and decides that over rates are more important than winning the game - White and Hussey bowling after tea so that Ponting could avoid getting a fine and/or suspension was one of the bizzarest things I have seen on a cricket field for a long time. India ended up with a partnership of over 100 between Dhoni and Harbhajan and the game is safe. Once the game was out of reach for Australia, Ponting decides to bring back his wicket takers, who surprisingly enough take wickets and finish off India.

If Australia lose the game and therefore the series, Cricket Australia should ban Ponting for a game just to punish him for being one of the daftest people on the planet.


Damith S. said...

Agreed. Ponting deserves a ban regardless, for just being him

DreamDancer said...

I've been a fan of Ponting's for a long time but this series has shown that he's not sure what to do when things get tough without Warne and McGrath around. Those two cannot be replaced but he doesn't seem to trust any of the bowlers to restrict runs and make break-throughs.

Being suspended for a test against New Zealand vs winning a test and saving a series. I can't believe he even had to think about the right option, let alone chose the wrong one.

Damith S. said...

here is an alternative view on this whole issue.

ps- mind updating the blogroll link to

cheers mate!

DreamDancer said...

All changed :)

Loved the Ponting is Palin post.

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